About me

Welcome to my blog! Know about me, ‘Who I am and What I do’

I am an Ayurvedic Professional, ready to switchgear to Business Administration. I am currently pursuing Masters in Business Administration at the University of Nevada, Reno, and this will be my second Master’s degree. I am passionate about building bridges, where I can. The words said by Dalai Lama resonates with me, ‘When you talk you are only repeating what you already know. But when you listen, you might learn something new’. Teaching, learning and exploring diverse cultures and building new connections, is what I love to engage in. I taught and practiced Ayurveda for two decades. In all these years, I have grown wiser to introspect my body and mind, and search ways to bring harmony within, through yogic discourse, healthy eating, or other traditional forms of medicine.

You might be thinking, ‘What is Ayurveda?’, it’s an Ancient Indian Medicine. Scholars and researchers date it back to 2nd Century. It did loose its ground because of power wielding wars, and invasions. Once a mainstream science, now though called alternative medicine, did regained part of its glory, thanks to those who believed in this traditional knowledge. In good old days this holistic science existed in an esoteric form; and was taught and passed on to right disciples through trainings under tutelage of Guru’s or Vaidayas (epitome of knowledge). Like its sister science Yoga, this is also mainly  a non-invasive science, which emphasize on self-regulation to balance one’s mind-body.

Youngest of three siblings, I thank our parents for, showing us the right path that, ‘Education is an Ultimate Pursuit towards Wisdom’.  I am so excited to share my thoughts and ideas with you from Land of Taj Mahal India to Land of Opportunities America. Embark on my journey not just on healthy eating and healthy living but also and creating new synapses with new communities who believe in similar concepts.

This blog is not about me, its about the people I find values and write little stories about them. If you like my write ups, please don’t forget to add any constructive remarks.

Thanks for joining with me on “Developing Healthy Vibrant Communities”.