Mind Stillness a Highest Level of Human Manifestation

These days, we seem to be locked into a damn-if-I-do, and-if-I-don’t do compelling situations. Often times, some negatively charged critics makes us noxious and we can’t lego of that situation. Those are the moments when, we really wanted to step out of that New York minute, and pamper ourselves.

We need to train ourself to achieve mindful resilience. Yoga sutra says,’When our senses are still, mind is at rest and our intellect does not vacillate’– that is Yoga. Meditation is a means of attaining this focus and ultimately leading to a state of self-realization or contemplation. Some individual reach their meditation and state of pleasure through their profound aesthetic hobbies, such as music, singing, dancing or painting, which creates boundless energies. There are many different inexpensive techniques to do yogic mediation; either by visualizing on an object, image or even a word or phrase; and or by focusing on your breaths.

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Have you tried a ‘selfie-time’, if not try that out! In the beginning, we may lose focus within brief intervals of silence. With Continuous practice, we learn how to return back to our focused objects. Our mind will wander, with endless thoughts and emotions, drawing us into their content and disrupting our focus. When we realize a state of confusion, simply redirect your attention to the present moment. As we learn to allow thoughts and emotions to arise and pass, they will eventually have less and less power to distract.

There are numerous studies carried out to understand the effects of mind stillness. A Stanford research study identified neural circuit that clarified how stress exacerbates pain and meditation eases it. This circuit can reduce or increase pain thresholds, by either increasing or decreasing the level of Enkephalins (a cousin to Endorphins, have potent painkilling properties) released in response to particular stimuli.

Another recent research by Carnegie Mellon University on 35-stressed out adult job-seekers, in which half of them completed three-day retreat and half didn’t. Brain scans were done before and after, which revealed increased functional connectivity between areas of brain that typically work in opposition. ‘Many people are skeptical about whether there are helpful aspects of mindful meditation practices’, Dr. David Creswell, said co-author of study and professor of psychology.

Though the research in this area is still in infancy but, its millions followers worldwide speaks out its positive array of benefits not only on physical and psyche but also on spiritual body. Did you know, WHO’s Health definition also talks of these three aspects! I need and enjoy ‘Me time’, a time to rediscover my inner self in this chaotic compartmentalized world to maintain my health. Do you!

Writing on Mediation is a continuation of my reflection to contribute to Vibrant healthy Communities. Share your experiences and thoughts on how do you reach peace with-in!

Author: VandanaSandhir

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