A Way to Preserve Your Health

US Healthcare delivery is largely in private hands and is only partially governed by the free market forces. In a free market, multiple patients (buyers) and providers (sellers) act independently; and consumers are educated on healthcare choices and they choose their providers based on price and quality of services. World Health Organization in 1978 adopted and took a measure to evaluate various medical systems scattered all over the world. The Alma Ata Declaration at Traditional Medicine Congress induced countries to give attention and preference to their own or conventional medicines. This integration has brought a 360-degree shift towards traditional systems in most countries, because of the spiraling costs of modern medicine.

The United States spends 17% of its GDP on its healthcare delivery; 201.1 million Americans purchase private health insurance from over one-thousand providers and remaining 103.1 million get public health coverage from Medicare and Medicaid. The country, a leader in research and innovation, ushers in new generation of medical interventions in every eye blink. However, to recoup capital investment in technology, hospitals compete under pressure and offer best equipped care with latest technology in private rooms. Technological innovation certainly has a place in medicine, but its ever-rising health care costs continue to confound academics, policy makers and politicians alike.

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We don’t always need sophisticated devices for our health; we sometime just need a healing hand. In today’s cost-ridden society, a preventative Ayurveda approach can provide some relief. Hmm..Sounds difficult, how to say this word, Right! My passion with Ayurveda began with kernels laid in North India, which got firmly grounded when I travelled to South India in my quest to understand its concepts. Kerala, a pristine state in the Indian sub-continent, still delivers traditional Ayurveda as mainstream healthcare. Some of the local clinics and hospitals are more than a century old, where people, line up for their turns to see the Vaidaya (means a scholar of knowledge). Thousands from all over the world visit Kerala, for their first-hand experience of this indigenous heritage from the periods of Vedas.

A serene cottage in close proximity with nature minus any technological distractions offering various internal and external treatments.The use of loads of oils, locally grown herbs and sometimes bitter decoctions renews your health. The energy leaps it brings, makes some people its followers and teachers.

In today’s highly competitive world, where  stress is the root cause of many ailments; turning back to nature for health rejuvenation isn’t a bad idea. There are few places in America like The Ayurvedic Institute at Albuquerque, took initiatives to change healthcare landscapes, by providing authentic Ayurveda; Though they are expensive compared to India; but once in a while a feast is Okay.

Preservation of Health is not an option, its your right, ! Writing on Ayurveda is in continuation of my reflection to contribute to Vibrant healthy Communities. Share your experiences and thoughts if you have tried Ayurveda or anything similar!

Author: VandanaSandhir

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