‘Tom’ Herbs Fella: Trusted Knowledge Source in Reno

My passion with herbs never stopped when I moved to America, rather its constantly growing. I had spent most of my life, living with herbs, eating herbs, dreaming herbs, teaching herbs and recommending herbs. I still recall a co-passenger, I met in a RTC bus coming from Truckee Meadows Community College, shortly after landing in Reno from India. She said to me, ‘person like you should go to Oregon or California, Reno isn’t a fit for you’. Those cautionary words, started to become a reality. I realized, my skill set seems a mismatch in non-herbal Reno environment. What happens when we loose hope?

tomGo to Mr. Google I did the same thing as everyone else would do. And Uncle Google did came to my rescue, and searched Truckee Meadow Herbs for me. I wrote down his name and address on a piece of paper (6 years ago I didn’t had a smartphone and a car) and walked down to his store. As I opened the door, the whiff of herbs, woke up my soul and said, ‘Never Never Never Give up; Your Victory is Right Here’. Spent few hours looking at the wide range of stuff he carries, ranged from herbal capsules, essential oils, tinctures, raw herbs, books and the list was exhaustive.

Tom and His Store

I introduced myself to a genuinely pleasant person, ‘Tom Stewart’ who owned and operated the store since 1982. He shared his herbal story and we found few common spots in his memory map. Those were from his interactions with Dr. Vasant Lad, an authority figure on Ayurveda in USA and Tom shadowed him in his quest to delve into nature. While at the store saw his customer interactions, he is definitely a go-to-guy. His Yelp reviews confirm his greatness. Tom is a registered herbalist and a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. He strives for quality and customer service. He won’t hesitate to go extra miles in ordering special or hard to find items and searching a fitting answer. Customer manipulation to generate sales, doesn’t fit into his principles.

facebook-tomHe is a well-known teacher of medicinal herbs in Reno for the past 15 years. His instructions keep him current on his product knowledge. Those interested to discover new herbology follow his Facebook fan-page or subscribe to newsletter on the webpage. The business strategy he uses, though unknowingly is mentioned by Shama Kabani’s in her book Zen of Social Media Marketing. Attract. Convert. Transform.  The story of recent client who got relieved from a long-standing sinus problem with his homeopathic suggestion confirms his ethics. She not only became  his lifelong customer but also recommended him to his 12 kids, and other family members. His customer-oriented approach of listening, asking questions and providing right answers, shows how ‘caring attitudes can transform into lasting relationships’.

ChrysanthemumTea: Truckee Meadow Herbs

As a local small business owner, he has devoted his life to keep herbal traditions alive. He didn’t hesitate to say the painful truth of all times, ‘Modern Medicine is Rockefeller’s Medicine’. Rockefeller a powerful and wealthiest American oil industry magnate. To eliminate any competition to western medicine; he hired Abraham Flexner to submit a report in 1910 to congress;

The report considered hundreds or thousand years old natural remedies as unscientific quackery. It called for standardization of medical education, and granting licenses to only allopathic based AMA schools. This law, flipped the healthcare landscape and ripped-off American people from healthcare choices.

As rightly said by Bev Maya-Herbs are like food; they are catalysts to help the body function. Conventional drugs don’t balance bodily systems; they either stimulate or inhibit.

Writing on Truckee Meadow Herbs is in continuation of my reflection to contribute to Vibrant Healthy Communities. Hey! by the way if you are in this area, why don’t you stop by his store and feel the aroma yourself and would love to hear your experience with nature-medicine. 

Author: VandanaSandhir

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