Lessons Revisited from a Dunk Tank Game

Wait! I am not going to teach a strategy how you can dunk tank your managers. I am just sharing my story. I worked in a company, around two years ago. The company holds its annual party to thank its team mates. That year new human resources manager planned an innovative way to celebrate. Everyone has to be off the clock and drive 7-8 miles from work. Of course! You get paid to come to the party and there were lot of prizes to win; and a great company to work for.

Photo Credit: Josh Calabrese

I haven’t heard about a game called ‘Dunk Tank’ before, and didn’t knew how to play either. You have to purchase the throws for the game, and I wanted to give it a try. I eagerly started watching those who played before me. I realized lot of people were missing the target and managers were eagerly waiting to be dunk tanked. Before I write further, let me stop and elaborate for those like me, a Dunk Tank is a large dunking booth or tank filled with water over which a person sits on a collapsible and suspended seat. A ball, is thrown at the target attached to the tank, and if it hits which results in collapse of the seat and, ‘dunking’ the person into the tank.

A few days before the party I watched a movie called Million-Dollar Arm on the suggestion of a sports passionate Iranian team member. The movie was based on the true story of two Indian baseball pitchers. My genetic makeup isn’t towards sports, but upon insistence went to see with my mom at Century Theaters in Sparks. Honestly, it was an okay movie for both of us, but we were proud to see Indian actors on the screen. Few things I remembered from movie were, strong emphasis on speed, accuracy and strength in arm.

I introspected and, asked myself will I be able to knock-down my aim, My Managers. Then another little story from a Hindu epic Mahabharata came to my mind, in which a renowned archery master Dronacharya assembles his five disciples to test their archery skills. Four of the disciples missed their aim to hit wooden fish eye. Only ace-archer Arjuna could aim it because he directed all his consciousness at eye only instead of distractions or noise in the environment.

With odds of knocking down as 50-50, not expecting any outcome I postured myself and dunk tanked four of my managers and supervisors in 10 out of 12 throws. Pretty awesome, right I felt the same. I am not sure if I can do it again though. The times I missed was, when I paid attention to cheers from fellow employees instead of my focus point. I sometime wander, when we cheer up our sportsmen on the grounds, does it distracts them? A research study on cheers vs jeers, studied its effects and indicates it does, but depends upon the game being played. The lessons learned from this, can be many and are the same for accomplishing anything in your life.

Focus not on the Outcome but on the wholly present. Aim comes down by quieting your mind and following your target from its point of initiation. Its also said, luck favors who are prepared.

Writing on Dunk Tank and Point of Focus, is in continuation of my reflection to contribute to Vibrant Healthy Communities. Share your thoughts, what was on your mind before aiming in similar situations. 

Author: VandanaSandhir

Developing Vibrant Communities

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